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Birthdate:Aug 24
Location:Florida, United States of America

Welcome to Lauren's World

Hi everyone! I see you have stumbled upon my blog somehow. Welcome!


Name: Lauren
Age: 20
Nationality: USA
Fandoms: Kanjani8, NEWS, and some KAT-TUN and Arashi

I mostly talk about fandom and real life stuff. Kanjani8 is my favorite group and the group I talk most about, NEWS is a close second.

I am a college student and I try to update as often as I can. I love Japan and I hope to be a strong business woman there someday.

I am already on my way to shoot for my dream and I hope you will join me! <3

Friending Policy

My Journal is Friends Only. I post vlogs for Kanjani here, but those are on a masterpost that will be updated with new episodes every week. Those are open to the public anytime.


1. Please interact with me
I try my hardest to comment on your posts, so I assume that if you want to be my friend, you are interested in what I talk about. So please comment if you can.

2. No bashing what I say please
I appreciate if you have an opinion on what I have to say, but please say it kindly is all I ask. I respect other people's opinions and I expect the same respect from you.

3. I make periodic friend cuts.
This is for me to do clean up sometimes if I feel like certain people are not putting effort into interacting with me.

4. No empty journals
Update please. Not all the time, but I don't want friends that I do not interact with. I know people are busy sometimes, but friends lists are made for mutual interaction in my opinion.

That is all! I promise I do not bite at all and I am not mean. I like new friends, I just want to know the people on my friend list. Thats why I have these rules.

Have fun! <3

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